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Belize Education

Belize has surpassed many of its neighbors with a said literacy rate of 93% and high quality of education.

The Belize school system is based on British education, which is broken into three levels: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Rather than use the US grade system Belizean children begin their eight years of primary education with two years of "Infant" classes, followed by six "Standards."

Secondary Level is the High school which is divided into four "Forms".

After High School students enter into their Tertiary Level system, Sixth Form often referred to as "College" in Belize is a two-year course, where a student can earn an Associate of Arts (AA) degree sanctioned by the United States Association of Junior Colleges.

Schools in Belize are more strict than those in the US; students are expected to adhere to a dress and grooming code and most wear uniforms daily. Most of the public schools in Belize have a religious affiliation and charge a minimal monthly fee. Some private schools are also available at varying costs. A number of ex-pat families home school their children.

The University of Belize has satellite campuses around the country and offers various 4 year degree programs.

Public Education in Belize is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 14 years for primary education. The Education Act subjects parents to a fine of up to US$100 if their children of compulsory school age fail to attend school regularly. Primary education is free, but related expenses, such as uniforms and books, are a financial strain on poor families. Secondary schools and apprenticeship and vocational programs can only accommodate half of children who complete primary school.