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Belize Government

The structure of government in Belize is based on the British parliamentary system and the legal system is modelled on the common law of England. Belize’s laws pertaining to property, land and business are based on the British common law system.

Belize has one of the most stable democratic Governments in Central America. The current head of state is Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who, as Queen of Belize, is represented in the country by the Governor-General who must be Belizean.

However, the cabinet which is led by the prime minister, who is head of government, exercises executive authority. Ministers of the Cabinet are members of the majority political party in parliament.

The bicameral National Assembly of Belize is composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate. There are thirty-one members of the House of Representatives who are popularly elected to a maximum five-year term and introduce legislation affecting the development of Belize. The Senate which consists of twelve members are appointed by the Governor-General with a Senate president selected by the members. The Senate is responsible for debating and approving bills passed by the House of Representatives. Belize is a full participating member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

There has never been a war in Belize; even its currency has never been devaluated. While civil wars have been prevalent in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Belize has remained untouched by war. Belize is politically stable which is certainly an inconsistency for a Central American nation! Belize still maintains a very close relation to the United Kingdom who still maintains a military presence for tropical training purposes and supply emergency rescue facilities to the more remote regions of the country.