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Belize Language

Visiting exotic locations around the world are great but only if you understand the language spoken in that region. Imagine moving to country where you can't communicate with the locals nor can they communicate with you.

The Best thing about Belize is that it is the ONLY English speaking Central American country. Once a British Colony and Influenced by its British Heritage the English language became the national language widely spoken throughout the country of Belize. Schools are taught in English, Banks use the English Language, All Government forms are in English as well as all the road signs.

Spanish, Garifuna and Maya are secondary languages spoken in various parts of the country, as well as Low German which is spoken in the Mennonite communities. Many Belizeans are multi lingual, but almost all speak the English Language. While moving around in Belize you will often hear a dialect being spoken which is called Creole. Unlike the French Creole spoken in the southern part of the United States and other parts of the world, Belize's Creole is different and unique in that it's the only language that was formed by African Slaves trying to mimic their English Masters in the days of slavery in Belize.

Use of the English Language makes Belize a perfect match, language wise, for any English speaking individual; you can get along just fine with English alone, but you'll have opportunity to learn another language if you want to.