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Real Estate in Belize

"Timing is everything when it comes to purchasing real estate and now is an excellent time to choose real estate in Belize."

Platinum International Real Estate looks forward to welcoming you to Belize and showing you the real estate opportunities available to you. The team behind Platinum International Real Estate and Investments has over 20 years of experience in international real estate and the network and connections to give you an insider's view and bring you the region's best lifestyle and real estate opportunities.

Belize is located just two hours by air from Houston or Miami, Belize is located in the Caribbean on the main land of Central America with the Caribbean Sea is to its east which gives Belize 174 miles of pristine coastline and a land mass of 8,866 sq. miles of territory, including 266 square miles of islands.

Why should you consider Buying Real Estate in Belize?

Property prices in the Caribbean and other Central American countries have experienced over inflation in recent years, but Belize Properties still remains a bargain.  Real estate in Belize has seen stability in real estate values in certain areas despite the economic turmoil in the USA and other nations around the world. Belize has seen increasing real estate investments by Canadians, Europeans, and Americans among other nationalities due to increased direct air travel from Europe and other parts of the world and is likely to increase the area’s popularity even further. Many Investors who cannot afford to retire in the U.S., Canada or Europe are considering Belize as inflation continues to rise at home. Many Investors are realizing that they may have an opportunity to jump on board before the Belize real estate market takes off again. Annual Property taxes are minimal in Belize. With NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX and NO INHERTANCE TAX, Belize is ideal for those seeking the protection of offshore investment and banking.

Owning Belize Properties in Belize is made more appealing by the Belize government’s retirement incentive program and the asset protection offered by the Belize banking system. The Legal System in Belize can also protect your assets and also your personal interest.  If you are looking for possible tax exemptions, privacy and inheritance advantages, Belize is definitely the key to having much needed peace of mind.

Many properties in Belize are ideal for rentals and offer great investment opportunities. Your property can be entered into our long term lease program and property management. You can also take advantage of our short term rental or vacation home rental pool for a portion of the year ensuring that you have income when you are away and the safety of having a place you can enjoy while you are in Belize.